Porcelain veneers are individual, beautifully made facings made by our master ceramist technician to give you an attractive and durable smile. They are used to close gaps, lengthen, shorten, whiten, reshape or even straighten teeth. A “smile makeover” normally requires multiple (an average of four) appointments of different time lengths and typically over a period of 2 – 4 weeks.

Minimal and gentle recontouring of the teeth is carried out. Local anaesthetic is used for your total comfort. Sometimes we use a laser to quickly and painlessly recontour your gums for an ideal appearance. Accurate impressions are recorded. We then construct temporary restorations and spend a great deal of time and effort to create nicely shaped teeth in a lighter colour. This allows you to assess the changes we want to bring about in the final veneer restorations. Depending on the position of a tooth, or whether unsightly fillings are present, wet will decide on the day of the preparation whether a porcelain veneer, a crown, or an inlay/onlay is the most appropriate restoration. Our aim is to carry out minimum tooth preparation and create strong restorations for health and comfort.

The practice carries out both NHS and private treatments including: